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Delivery and customer care

Gratification and customers satisfaction are the primary criteria for NHK brand. Our guidelines is continuously improve efficiency of competition to bring customers satisfaction, we serve customers follow the way they want to be served and build a good relationship to keep customers.


In order to improve the quality of services, we have built a talented and qualified a sales staff and trained the knowledge of products, commitment, dedicatied and responsible services, capable of consulting to meet the fastest delivery of orders to deliver on time and in full quantity (OTIF).
Our position is to find customers who have succeeded in business strategy, in order to maintain and develop that business strategy we must always keep our customers. Consequently, NHK's customer service department always listens to, receives and responds to customers' comments, questions and complaints to analyze and develop solutions to meet and solve problems. 100% customer complaints from product quality as well as service.
Come to NHK, customers will be consulted design from raw materials as well as design   on schedule commit, bring to you confidence, peace of mind and satisfaction. "Especially we always listen to and collect feedback from our customers."

Please contact with us as following:
Address: 61B Nguyen Van Bua Street, 5 Hamlet, Xuan Thoi Son Commune, Hoc Mon District, HCM City
Tel: + 84 28 36203232
Fax: + 84 28 36203232


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